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How To Preserve Roses With Wax Video Instructions

You will love this clever trick that shows you how to preserve Roses using wax. The results are absolutely stunning and you can keep them forever. Today you will learn how to preserve Roses with wax. It is a very easy process and at the 4-week mark they are still …

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How To Multiply Roses From Cuttings Video Instructions

Learn the secret to propagating your Roses from Cuttings. This technique is fail proof and we have a quick and easy video to show you how. Learning how to multiply roses is easier than you think. We were very excited to learn that you can do this using only their …

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How To Treat Black Spots On Roses Organically| The WHOot

If your Roses are looking more drab than fab, don’t fret. It’s easy to bring them back to their former glory with this simple, organic method. Learn how to treat Black Spots Organically. Black spots on your rose bush are enough to break any gardeners heart. The good news is …

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How to properly prune roses – video

If you are a rose lover, it is a must to learn how to properly prune roses. We have a 5 level infographic and video tutorial to show you how. Is there anything better than a rosebush in full bloom? It is truly a sight to behold and if you …

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