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Dog Body Language Chart – Decoding Behavior

A Dog Body Language Chart will help you learn all the critical signs of your furbaby and understand how they are feeling and their general well being. This is a must read article for every Dog Owner. Do you know how to tell if your dog is stressed? A Dog …

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How To Read Body Language And Facial Expressions

Our bodies send subliminal messages. If you want to know what someone is really thinking, pay attention to their bodies more than their words. Watch the video now. Imagine being able to read other people’s minds. Once you master the art of understanding body language, you will be surprised how …

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Cortisol And Stress Levels – How It Impacts Your Body

High Cortisol can wreak havoc on you. If your levels are high, it can cause a myriad of issues. Learn how to lower your levels now. If you are living in a state of stress, chances are your Cortisol is overproducing. Cortisol is the Stress hormone and it can absolutely …

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Lose weight for your body shape The ultimate guide

Learn how to lose weight for your body shape quickly and easily. These tips will melt the pounds and get you into your best shape quickly. Not long ago we came across a really helpful one Dr. Oz Episode that focused on how to lose weight for your body shape. …

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