Crochet Sloth Planter Pattern | Hanger

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we spied this super cute Crochet Sloth Planter Pattern. Grab the details now.

This Crochet Sloth Planter Pattern has been extremely popular in our community and it’s easy to see why! We fell head over hook, the minute we spied this idea and we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Not surprisingly, it’s a best-selling pattern for the designer, Silent Owl Creations. They are a popular Etsy Store that has a super cute felted birdhouse project too.

crochet sloth planter pattern

via Silent Owl Creations 

Crochet Sloth Planter Pattern

via Silent Owl Creations 

This Crochet Sloth Planter Hanger can be made to fit assorted pot sizes based on the hook and tension used.

The Designer used worsted weight and an F hook. This was perfect for the 4-inch pot that is featured in the photo above.

via Silent Owl Creations 

This Sloth Hanging Planter would be adorable in a child’s room or any favorite space in your place. It’s a well-written pattern that is easy to follow along with and you will love the results.

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