Laundry Room Organization Tips For Your Home

Oh Laundry, the chore everyone loves to hate. The laundry room gets a lot of use and is usually in a perpetual state of disarray. Organizing the laundry room is probably last on your list of ‘fun things to do’ but these laundry room organization tips can actually help you get the chore done more efficiently.

We love to neglect our laundry rooms, but if you start with an organized space, you’re more likely to keep it that way. Hopefully with these practical laundry room organization tips you’ll look forward to laundry day! Take a look through these organization tips and come up with a system that works for you and your household! 

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Glass Laundry Detergent Containers

Beautiful glass laundry detergent dispensers are practical and stylish for your laundry room decor.

One of the best tips for a clean looking laundry room is using glass containers for your laundry detergent! Replace those plastic and cardboard detergent containers with a beautiful glass alternative! If you’re a liquid detergent user like myself, these glass pump containers from Etsy are fantastic! If you prefer using pods or powder detergent then you can opt for any glass container! You can customize any glass container with these modern minimal style laundry labels from Etsy. Labels are key to keeping an organized laundry room!

Custom laundry room labels are perfect for adding stylish decor in your laundry room.

Fold Down Wall Mount Drying Rack

Reduce clutter and increase your laundry room organization with a custom clothes drying rack in your laundry room!

This drop dead gorgeous laundry room is the work of the talented team over at Onyx Studio. My favourite part? That beautiful compact drying rack – I am dying over those brass details!. This rack folds down to easily provide hanging space when you need it. Perfect for keeping your laundry room organized. So say goodbye to your typical retractable drying rack that does nothing but take up space. Replace it with a wall mounted drying rack like this one!

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Pull Out Folding Table

Have an organized laundry room with this pull out folding table. Great tip to increase the function of a small laundry room.

The best tip for a laundry room with no counter space is a pull out folding table! This functional little table will encourage you to fold your laundry fresh out of the dryer! Lets be honest, folding is THE worst part about laundry – this pull out folding table will fix that! I fully recognize that not everyone has custom cabinetry in their laundry room. If that you – this wall mounted fold down table is a great option!

Pull Out Ironing Board

Create the organized laundry of your dreams with a gorgeous pull out ironing board! Check out this plus more laundry room organization tips!

Thats right folks, ANOTHER pull out feature. Ironing boards are clunky, heavy, and awkward to store. Which is why I love this idea. This sleek pull out drawer makes ironing a breeze, plus it wont take up valuable closet space. This custom ironing board drawer is made by an Australian interior design company Provincial Kitchen Homes. Check them out for some more inspiring spaces!

Add A Shelf Above The Washer And Dryer

The ultimate list of laundry room organization tips for your home! Add more storage space and keep your laundry room organized!

Lindsay from Frills and Drills renovated her laundry room and added the smartest thing ever! She built and installed a mini shelf behind her washer and dryer. What is usually a dead space (and the home of many lost socks) is now covered by this functional shelf. The perfect space to store your laundry detergent and help you stay organized.

Capri Blue Volcano Laundry Detergent

Keep your laundry room smelling fresh with this capri blue laundry detergent. Check out this plus more tips to help you look forward to laundry day.

OK, you caught me. This one isn’t an organization tip – but it is a fun treat to help make doing laundry more enjoyable. If you haven’t smelled anthropologies capri blue volcano candle, you are missing out! If you have you’re probably like me and are obsessed with the scent. I even bought the capri blue volcano diffuser oil (it’s amazing – highly recommend). Which is why I am so excited they’ve introduced a capri blue volcano laundry detergent! This decadent scent is sure to make you look forward to laundry day!

Laundry Basket Storage

Keep an organized laundry room with tons of basket storage! Check out more tips for laundry room organization in your home.

I adore this this laundry room for multiple reasons (hello brick floor, I see you and I love you) but the best part has got to be the laundry basket storage! Having a dedicated laundry basket space is ideal for keeping a laundry room tidy and organizing laundry. You can easily sort through whites, colors, and delicates with laundry bins like these. Check out more details of this laundry room by Domestic Imperfection.

Add A Rolling Cart Between Laundry Machines

Laundry room organization tips for your home to help keep your space clean! You can finally look forward to laundry day!

I love this idea from Driven By Decor. She had an awkward space between her washing machine and dryer which is less than ideal. So rather than leaving it empty – like most of us would do – she thought it would be the perfect spot for a rolling cart! A narrow rolling cart like this one is perfect for storing cleaning supplies in your laundry room. Great organization tip!

Peg Storage Laundry Room Organizer

Take the chore out of laundry day with these laundry room organization tips!

I love this idea from Dutch DIY blog Vtwonen. They’ve transformed a typical laundry room backsplash into a functional storage space with a peg style organizer. Its a great spot to house common use items like a dust pan, scrub bushes and more! One of the best tips for laundry room organization is to have your cleaning supplies accessible. These peg hooks do just that! This would be a simple project to make on your own, or you can buy a similar one here.


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