Wooden Truck Hot Wheels Display Case And Plans

The kids will love this Wooden Truck Hot Wheels Toy Storage Display Case and it is the perfect way to keep their rooms tidy. Get yours now!

If you have a little one who loves their toy cars, this Wooden Truck Hot Wheels Display Case is perfect for hanging on the wall.

It is guaranteed to bring a huge smile to their face and it’s easy to see why. It makes the perfect gift and will provide hours of entertainment for the kids.

Semi Truck Hot Wheels Display

via Wood Works Store

There are a number of different versions in the collection and the one pictured above will hold 48 hot cars. Be sure to check out all the different styles in the creator’s Etsy Shop.

Here are some other versions from Wood Works Store and they deliver to the USA and Australia. Again, be sure to check out the whole collection while you’re there.

via DigiFab Creations

Wooden Truck Hot Wheels Display Case

via DigiFab Creations

DigiFab Creations are the Etsy Shop that has created these Hot Wheels Displays. They have been very popular and we can see why.

via DigiFab Creations


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