The Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

Its no secret that houseplants are the perfect home accessory which is why I’m sharing the best indoor plants for your home. We love them for their green leaves, air purifying qualities, and to watch them grow. Caring for plants is good for the soul and they bring life into your home! I’ve rounded up a list of the best indoor plants. Some of these houseplants are easy to care for, while others are extremely unique. Take a look through and decide which best suite your style!

Pothos Plant – Devils Ivy Indoor Plant

Pothos plant, otherwise known as devils ivy, is one of the best indoor plants if you want a vine look. This pothos plant is the most recent addition to my houseplant family. I’ve hung it on the wall in this turtle shell planter in the hopes that it will vine out. I’m looking forward to see what this plant looks like come spring time!

Pothos (devils ivy) Care Tips For The Best Growth

Like many plants, the pothos needs well draining soil. It thrives in bright rooms, but indirect sunlight only. They prefer their soil to be dried out between waterings and can tolerate an erratic watering schedule.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle leaf fig tree is one of the best indoor houseplants!

Did you really think I’d make it through a ‘best indoor plant’ blog post without including the fiddle leaf fig tree? Hands down my all time favourite houseplant has got to be the fiddle leaf fig tree. The fiddle leaf fig tree is praised for its large green leaves and tropical style. It grows quickly and makes for the perfect indoor tree. They can be tricky to look after, but I’ve got you covered! Check out this fiddle leaf fig tree care guide for everything you need to know about looking after a fig tree.

Rubber Plant – A Great Low Light Indoor Plant

A unique and beautiful house plant for your home that requires little sunlight is the rubber tree

The rubber plant is a medium size plant with a beautiful deep green leaf. If you’re looking for a resilient plant that does well in dark spaces – the rubber plant is for you! Otherwise known as ficus elastica, the rubber plant is a great option if you’re looking for something that is easy to look after!

Swiss Cheese Plant – One Of The Best Indoor Tropical Plants

Swiss cheese plant is a great tropical variety houseplant for your home and is one of the best indoor plants you can have!

Monstera deliciosa, better known as the Swiss cheese plant, is famous for its beautiful leaves. This tropical variety is one of the best indoor plants for any plant lover and will grow large iconic split leaves. This plant loves warm temperatures and indirect sunlight.

Swiss Cheese Plant Care Tips

If you have a monstera deliciosa and the leaves wont split thats a sign of not enough sunlight. Get that bad boy some vitamin D and you’ll have beautiful Swiss cheese leaves in no time! The Swiss cheese plant will only grow around 2′ high on its own. Consider purchasing a grow pole like this one to help your plant reach new heights!

White Bird Of Paradise – A Large Scale Indoor Plant

White bird of paradise houseplant is a great indoor plant that will grow to be very large!

The white bird of paradise is a fantastic indoor palm style plant with large tropical fronds. This plant will bring tropical vibes into any home with its large size and arching leaves. Consider planting the white bird of paradise in a large pot as it can grow up to 8′ tall.

White Bird Of Paradise Best Indoor Plant Care Tips

The bird of paradise palm style indoor houseplant thrives in a warm environment. Be sure to keep the soil moist, but not soggy, and water often. This indoor houseplant can survive with a variety of different sunlight levels, but prefers a sunny spot.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is a resilient houseplant that is perfect for beginners.

The snake plant, otherwise known as mother-in-law’s tongue is a unique plant that will bring a spiky variety into your home. Known for its narrow growth pattern, this plant will not take up too much width. The snake plant is easy to take care of, and super hard to kill! Perfect if you’re new to houseplants! Known for their resilience these plants are perfect for low light environments and can be neglected for weeks at a time. They are also VERY easy to propagate, so if you have a friend who already has a snake plant – ask them for a cutting!

Dracaena Marginata

The dragon plant is one of the best indoor houseplants if you're going for a vintage 70's vibe.

Dracaena Marginata, or the dragon plant, is the perfect indoor tree for your vintage style apartment. This photo of the dragon plant with a vintage Eames chair is giving me all the 70’s vibes. With a skinny trunk and long thin leaves, Dracaena Marginata looks great on its own or situated in a grouping of houseplants. Now we don’t play favourites when it comes to houseplants, but there is no arguing this big fella will soon be one of the best indoor plants you own.

Dracaena Marginata, Indoor Dragon plant care tips

The dragon plant can be sensitive to certain types of water. It’s suggested that it be watered with room temperature distilled water when possible as Dracaena Marginata can have negative reactions to chlorine and fluoride found in tap water. Also keep the soil on the dry side and be careful of over watering. If your plant leaves turn yellow, you’re over watering. If they turn brown, your dragon plant is thirsty!

Spider Plant – One Of The Best Indoor Hanging Plants

Spider plants are an ideal candidate for hanging in a window as they cascade downwards and enjoy full sun.

Oh the coveted spider plant! A beautiful grass like variety thats ideal for hanging. As the plant matures it will grow offshoots and cascade downwards like a spider. Full confession, I’ve had a spider plant for over 4 years and JUST got my first off shoot. Patience is a virtue with these little houseplants!

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Jade Plant – Indoor Succulent

The jade plant is my favourite indoor succulent. This plant can actually grow quite large in the right environment.

I love jade plants. A beautiful houseplant in the succulent family, jade plants feature a beautiful dark green leaf. I stayed at an airbnb that had a HUGE jade plant and since then I’ve been hooked. These plants can grow to be large bush like succulents, but be patient if that’s the look you want, they grow slowly!

Jade Plant Houseplant Care Tips

The key to a healthy jade plant is water! People assume because they are succulents they require less water than normal houseplants. However this is not the case! Its suggested these plants are watered weekly to avoid your jade plant drying out and dropping leaves. In fact the soil of your jade plant should never completely dry out.

Crispy Wave Fern

The crispy wave, or pleated birds nest plant is a unique indoor plant and is an ideal candidate for the bathroom as it enjoys lowlight and ample humidity.

A crispy wave fern (Japanese Asplenium Nidus) is a beautifully unique plant belonging to the fern family. Otherwise known as the pleated birds nest – the crispy wave fern thrives in low light locations and can grow to be 2′ high.

Crispy Wave Fern The Best Indoor Plant Care Tips

The pleated birds nest (crispy wave fern plant) is considered easy to take care of. Thriving in low light and humid conditions, the wave fern’s ideal location is the bathroom. They need moist – but well draining soil as the roots can be susceptible to root rot. Daily misting is recommended for this plant.


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