Rainbow Chocolate Shard Cake {Video Tutorial}

If you are on the hunt for a stunning cake this Rainbow Chocolate Shard is simply gorgeous, Be sure that you watch the video tutorial now.

Talk about eye candy! We were blown away the minute our eyes spied this picture-perfect Rainbow Chocolate Shard Cake!

It’s easy to see why this creation from Vanessa of Cake Style has been an internet smash. The great news is that it’s extremely easy to make.

How To Make Rainbow Chocolate Shard Cake Video

via Cake Style, Rumble.

Vanessa of Cake Style is the baker behind this gorgeous creation. She has made a helpful video tutorial to show us how.

We highly recommend that you view it. This way you can ensure that you will get the best possible result. To watch, click play above ^

How To Make Rainbow Chocolate Shard Cake

Now that you have viewed the video tutorial, you can find the full printable instructions on Vanessa’s Website.

Chocolate Shard Cake

via Iced Jems

Another great way that you can make a Chocolate Shard Cake is like this marbled version from Iced Jems. As you can see, it is truly impressive and again, it’s easy to make.

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