Wreath Knitting Patterns For The Holidays

These Wreath Knitting Patterns have something for everyone including Christmas, Fairy, Gnome and Elf. View them all now.

It’s very easy to see why these Wreath Knitting Patterns have been a best selling pattern for the creator, Huggable Bears.

The minute we spied them we were head over needles! We recently shared their knitted teddy bear patterns and they were very well received! We have no doubt that you will love these as much!

via huggable bears

Holiday Wreath Knitting Patterns

via Huggable Bears, Etsy.

These character wreath patterns are another must make and they include many of your favorite characters.

You will find snowman, gnomes, fairies, and elves and the detail on each wreath is truly exquisite. There is no doubt that you will receive plenty of compliments from visitors.

wreath knitting patterns

via huggable bears

As mentioned earlier, you can find the patterns on Huggable Bears on Etsy. While you’re there, be sure to check out all their other fabulous knitting patterns too.


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