My Favorite Country Kitchens

Today I’m coming to you with a brand new article after a long time, this time it’s gonna be about kitchens. Specifically farmhouse style kitchen but I’ll try to cover different styles as well in the near future so be alert. Many people might think that country kitchens are mostly just cozy wooden style as but I tried to find some more original looking designs that are not so typical – I’m sure you’ve seen enough already and it’s always a good idea to spice things up and search for something new. What do you think about this one?

I love spacious and sunny places and this kitchen certainly meets my strict criteria. Just look at the longitude of the countertop along the wall, what a genius idea, don’t you think? I know there is still some wood pattern but you must admit that it’s looks like a pretty modern farmhouse. I also love the color they chose for the room, you really cannot spoil anything with white, plus it ads even more light to the kitchen which is always a big positive. I hate to cook or prepare foods with insufficient lightning and turning on the lights when it’s still not the night time yet is pretty annoying and certainly gives you an uncomfortable feeling. Well at least for me and I’m sure you can also pretty easily calculate how much you would actually pay more for electricity in a span of several years having a dark kitchen.

OK, now let’s get to a more typical rustic kitchen and for this one I found a really cozy style that I would have no problem to use for my own kitchen somewhere in the village or maybe even anywhere else. I’ll just put the image now below and then explain to you what’s exactly the details that I love about this design.

Courtesy of BEHR

As you can see a really warm looking home full of very cleverly chosen items and furniture finishes that just make you feel relaxed and positive thinking, just like the right country house should do. So where do we start, look at the warm paint color on the wall, it really helps to illuminate the room in a very friendly way, just the color itself already gives the kitchen the right yellowish atmosphere.

Then we have those lovely cupboards and seriously, that marine bluish color is one of my favorite – such a great choice! I even love those little golden handles, just perfect… and what about other great details such as those cute little curtains on the windows (great pink color btw.), plants (of course a must), white bookshelf cupboard with glass windows, nicely finished wooden countertop. The little lamps are great too and really kudos to the designer as he/she paid attention even to the copper pot on the stove which just perfectly finishes the overall natural and healthy look of this beautiful kitchen. The more I look at the picture, the more I like it no jokes. Anyway I hope I could inspire with my TOP 2 country kitchen designs. I never want to put more than just a few carefully picked designs as I know how overwhelming it can be, plus it’s just my nature – quality over quantity!


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