How to lighten hair dye when your color is too dark

Got too dark with the old box color or had unexpected results in the salon? Don’t sweat it

Maybe you had a dye disaster at home, maybe you didn’t quite achieve the results you wanted in the salon. Whatever the reason, if your hair color has gone too dark, you are here because you want to know how to lighten hair dye.

Do not be afraid, because there are different ways that your hair can be lightened if you have the wrong color. Read on for the expert instructions on how to reverse a dye disaster.

What should you do if you have dyed your hair too dark?

“I think this is one of the most common events,” says the hairdresser to the stars Paul Edmonds. “First let’s look at why it got too dark:

  1. Too dark color was used
  2. The color was left on too long
  3. The correct color was used, but it reached for porous mid-lengths and ends

“Once you’ve answered these questions, at least it shouldn’t happen again.” If the root color is good but the ends are too dark, next time only apply color to the root and only run it through the middle lengths and ends if it is too faded, as natural hair will always have something through the ends is brighter.

“Depending on how dark and dark it is, it may be best to go straight to a hairdresser where a little balayage can be done to break open the ends and make them look more natural, or there are some professional products, that remove the artificial pigment without compromising the condition of the hair. ‘

To lighten my own dark hair, colorist Terry is with Daniel Galvin London used hers Miracle solution detox. The treatment gives the hair vibrancy, invigorates highlights and, as recommended for my case, can actually pick up particularly dark dye.

The main ingredient that worked wonders was the vitamin C complex, which is naturally acidic. According to the treatment description, it enters the cuticle of the hair, identifies everything that is not part of the natural make-up of the hair, and carefully removes it, while at the same time closing the cuticle of the hair.

Can you correct the color at home?

how to lighten hair dye

Of course, you may not be able to visit the hair salon. So what can you do at home?

“If you have a lot of time (which some of us are doing at the moment), try a detoxifying shampoo like that Redkens Clean Maniac Shampooadvises colorist Josh Wood. “These help to remove color deposits and ideally lighten the hair a little over time.

“Don’t expect drastic changes because it’s best to leave them to the experts.” For expert advice, Josh’s hair color brand at home now offers complementary video consultations at home where you can book joshwoodcolour.com.

Do you remember the aforementioned vitamin C? “If the color is not too dark, you can mix organic vitamin C powder with warm water into a paste, then apply to the medium length and ends and massage into the hair for 5-10 minutes,” advises Paul. “This will take some of the weight off the ends.

“However, it can make the color warmer because it shows more of the undercoat that hair has naturally.”

The ideal scenario is of course not to get too dark at all. Adam Reed, British editorial ambassador for L’Oreal Professionnel, gives his most important tips for a successful color change in the salon. (And when you’re done here, you should definitely register how to dye your hair like a pro.)

How to avoid future dye disasters

Consult your colorist beforehand

“For me, advice is always the key to ensuring that you and your colorist are on one side of the bottom line. But in order to have a really transparent conversation about the trip, you have to achieve the end result – pictures always help! “

Establish a follow-up system

“The color correction is so individual and therefore home care should also be tailored to the individual. It is very important to set a regime with your colorist and ensure that toners, treatments, etc. are booked to maintain the health and color of the hair. L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond is the key and I use it every time I change colors in my salons, as it protects and strengthens the hair bonds during dyeing. “

Communication is the key

“If you are concerned that your hair color is not the shade you were hoping for, it is of the utmost importance to speak to your colorist. Communication is crucial to ensure a good relationship and ultimately that you both work towards the same end result. Always get thorough advice before each color appointment to discuss the condition and color development of your hair. “


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