Cement handprint stepping stones video instructions

What could be nicer than making a few adorable cement handprint stepping stones? They are cute and make a great gift idea for family and friends. We have a video tutorial that shows you how.

Are you ready to learn how to make stepping stones for cement handprints? What could be nicer than creating personalized springboards for your house and garden?

It is something you can keep forever and would be a wonderful gift for grandparents, family and friends.

How to make cement stepping stones video

We found a short video tutorial that you can follow. You will be able to see how easy they are to do.

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via Enchanted Mommy

The creator of this idea is Jamie Hinckley of Enchanted Mommy. She did hers with a cement mix. You can decorate them with stones, shells, marbles, basically anything.

Jamie made this for her boys and she also suggests buying one Cement stepping stone kit. She said it contained everything she needed for the project.

Stepping stones for the footprint

about I Watch Them Grow

In this project, you are not limited to just hands. As you can see above, the feet also look fabulous! We love this cute idea from I Watch Them Grow.

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