How to make a messy bun yourself like an absolute professional

Prepare to get messy in a good way …

If complicated hair tutorials aren’t for you (read: too much arm pain), then The Messy Bun is definitely the one for you. Not in the least squeamish, it’s the kind of look you throw after workout or something that an off-duty model would wear.

In addition, it’s a red carpet favorite for celebrities who want an elegant, simple hair look.

We asked celebrity hairdresser Adir Abergel, whose customers include Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon and Saoirse Ronanfor its uncomplicated method.

How to make a messy bun

1. Brush the hair to avoid knots and tangles

2. Give the hair additional hold

A messy bun is easier to open if your hair is not freshly washed. Think of this as a shortcut to make one-day hair look chic. Otherwise, use a texturizing spray or styling cream to give your hair extra hold. “If you have traction in your roots, it gives the pins something to hold on to,” says Abergel. Prepare it with a light styling cream like that Virtuous 6-in-1 styler to avoid making the hair look dull. “

3. Pull your hair into a loose ponytail

“Start with a ponytail, as you will then know the placement of the bun. This also gives an idea of ​​the structure and proportions. The ponytail can be placed in the middle of the head, on the crown for a topknot or deep for a neck chignon . “

4. Twist the hair around the rubber band

Twist it until all of the hair is wrapped around the rubber band and secured with hairpins. “Make sure the ends are tucked in so the bun doesn’t look too messy.” The key is to pull out a few pieces around the front of the face to soften the look and frame the face. “In fact, it’s just as flattering Round face hairstyle how it is for square faces.

5. Secure with two or three hairpins

Note: If the bun looks stiff and firm, use too many pens. Finish with a texturing spray or a light one Hairspray for additional hold.

Messy Bun Essentials…


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