I have treated my hair with liquid gold and will never look back

“You could shed flakes of gold next week,” she told me …

You may have heard of it Keratin hair treatments, Brazilian blowouts and the NanoSmooth Pure, but the latest taming trend to take the capital by storm is that liquid gold smooth treatment.

As someone who fights with fat curly hair and unruly curls, I’ve tried every de-frizz treatment imaginable, so I was excited to find out how liquid gold is in comparison and whether it actually helped me in any way.

Since it usually takes me more than two hours to smooth my whole head, it seemed worth trying, if only to give me a little more time every day. And since my hair usually curled up at the slightest drop of rain, winter seemed to be the perfect time of year to try it out.

I went to Knightsbridge’s luxury Neville’s Salon, a celebrity favorite, and had treated my hair with liquid gold last year just to see what all the fuss was about.

My judgment – this must be one of the thickest hair treatments ever – but judging by my own results, worth every penny.

It is therefore not surprising that I only had to go back this week.

Here is everything I can tell you about my experiences …

What is liquid gold treatment?

This is a protein-based smoothing treatment that combines natural ingredients (even extracts from cocoa trees) with pure keratin and 24 carat gold. Similar to the Brazilian Blowout and NanoSmooth, this treatment not only smoothes the curls, but also revitalizes and rejuvenates the hair.

The Neville website states: “It restructures and renews your hair with its main ingredient keratin and brings back the appearance of strong, healthy hair without harming your hair in the long run.”

What does liquid gold treatment include?

The liquid gold treatment was easy for me – I sat there taking selfies over a cup of tea – but it was hard work for my incredible hairdresser Afroditi.

The hair is first washed and combed before the liquid gold is applied in sections. In my case, it was in high doses – something that became apparent when both my and Afroditis eyes started to flow – a common topic in my hair and straightening treatments. After leaving the liquid gold in the curls for 20 minutes, the hair is simply blow-dried and straightened, with the heat including the treatment. Then you are done.

You only have to wash your hair two or three days later, and the hair becomes noticeably smoother.

It is also important to note that this service requires a patch test 48 hours in advance.

How long does the liquid gold treatment take?

The treatment with liquid gold takes an average of an hour and a half. For me, that was a huge improvement over the four or five hours I had previously spent on keratin treatments.

What were the results?

The results were immediately visible and my hair was visibly smooth and smooth.

It’s not a straightening treatment, so my hair is still curly after washing, but unlike before, there is very little curling, which makes styling a lot easier and gives it a shiny sheen. Also, unlike other treatments, I’ve found that this shortens my hair straightening time.

Before the photo:


According to the photo:


How is liquid gold treatment different from keratin treatment?

The treatment with liquid gold is gentler than the keratin treatment. In contrast to my previous experiences with keratin treatments, my hair did not remain greasy or limp after the first wash – it still has a lot of volume, which is crucial for me. Also, as I said, it takes a lot less time – an hour and a half compared to the usual four or five hours. Unlike the keratin treatments, the liquid gold does not require the hair to be washed immediately after it has been fixed with the hair straightener, thereby saving a whole additional stage of washing and final straightening.

What Are the Side Effects of Liquid Gold Treatment?

I was warned of a side effect and it made the treatment so much more luxurious and bougie. Afroditi warned me that I might have flakes of gold as scales between treatment and washing up later. I haven’t seen the gold flakes in person, but for the sake of luxury, I almost wished I had.

What does the liquid gold treatment cost?

Liquid gold treatment costs GBP 250 – a fairly normal price for a high-end smoothing treatment.

Where can you get treated with liquid gold?

I went to Neville in Knightsbridge and was styled by the wonderful Afroditi Koutsouki.

5 Pont St,
Belgravia, London
020 7235 3654

I will return I already have it and I will definitely make it a habit.


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