The hat and I favorite crochet patterns

There’s a reason The Hat And I is such a big favorite in the Crochet community. Today we share the most popular patterns.

One of the most popular crochet patterns on Etsy, The hat & me is full of all kinds of adorable, charming patterns.

We have summarized our favorites to share with you. Brands is the crochet mastermind behind it the store and you are guaranteed to love your ideas as much as we do, we promise!

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Crochet button flowers

It wasn’t always about crocheting. Marken says that she made appointments with other crafts before investing in crochet after the birth of her daughter. She loved making tiny hats for her then baby.

Your store is full of Hat pattern, as well as Baby blankets, Hoods, Carrier bags and more. These crochet button flowers were very popular. As you can see above, they make unique works of art.

Cottage Charm baby blanket

This cottage charm baby blanket is another madness that you will love to whip up. It has intricate edges and a nice arch. This would be perfect for a nursery or a baby shower.

The dream hexagon blanket

The dreamer, as this hexagonal blanket is called, is a gypsy and boho inspired creation and the colors are wonderful. It has a nice starburst effect which is very unusual.

Owl Obsession Blanket Pattern

You know we love owls and who wouldn’t just be a little obsessed with this pattern! Full of colorful owl motifs, it would look great in any room in your house.

It could be made bright and colorful for a child’s room or even neutral for your couch.

Cute cat blanket pattern

We all know someone who is crazy about cats and would love to get one of these cozy blankets as a gift! The cat motifs are crocheted round and easy to make.

The finished size is 35 “x 45” and you can increase it if you’d like.

Frog frenzy baby blanket pattern

These hoppy little frogs will brighten up any room. This fun pattern can be made in any size.

The motifs are completely interchangeable! You can even add some with crowns for a fairytale touch.

Unicorn Utopia crochet blanket

Another incredibly popular crochet blanket that is perfect for a child’s kindergarten. This unicorn crochet blanket is just adorable and you can’t wait to make it.

Crochet bunny blanket pattern

The bunny blanket above is a favorite and would decorate any cot nicely. Most of their blankets can be made in any size.

Turtle crochet blanket

These turtles are not complicated and look fabulous. Like many of the The Hat & I blankets, this one is made of motifs, there are no difficult seams.

You can even stuff the turtles to really burst them.

Baby Love crochet pattern

This blanket would look absolutely nicely draped over a chair in a child’s room and is perfect for wrapping the baby.

The finished size is 36 inches in diameter and the pattern has tons of beautiful photos to help you out.

Bee Crochet Bunting Pattern

We love this super cute Bee Crochet Bunting and it would look beautiful in a nursery or child’s room. It’s so cute and colorful.

Owl bunting pattern

Here’s another great bunting idea. If you love owls as much as we do, this is the place for you.

Heart Afghan baby blanket

This stunning Afghan heart cover has many interesting elements and a wonderful sublime texture. You can do it in all of your favorite colors and what a cherished piece it will be.

Colorful crayon ceiling pattern

We love the beautiful detail that adorns this super colorful crayon blanket. It is so lively and the scalloped edge is excellent.

Floral ceiling pattern

Here is another one of her creations. This floral blanket has beautiful intricate details and is an absolute must. It is really exquisite.

Crochet chevron blanket pattern

This crochet chevron sampler blanket takes your crochet skills to a whole new level and just looks at the rainbow of colors. This is a wonderful piece that becomes a topic of conversation in your home.

Herzdecke crochet pattern

This blanket with all my heart is a bestseller on Etsy and you can see why! The beautiful interlocking hearts are so complicated.

The blanket can be made in any size you want, from a small children’s bedspread to a full-size cover.

The rainy days flowers

Here is another interesting design that has proven extremely popular. This Rainy Days Flowers Pattern has a wonderful texture and is very colorful.

Crochet Swirly Pop Blankets

The Crochet Swirly Pop Blanket has beautiful tassels and is very unique. It is beautiful and colorful and will brighten up a favorite room for you.

Crochet the dream blanket

Another version of the Crochet Dreamer Blanket in a different combination. Don’t you just love the breathtaking effect?

Crochet button and braid

What a breathtaking creation this button and cable cover is. The sublime texture and block colors make it a truly stylish piece for your home.

Square dance romance baby throw

This stunning baby blanket has incredible details that make creating it an absolute joy. We love the colors and the scalloped edges.

African flower bag pattern

As mentioned in our post, The hat and me also has a wide range of tote bag designs, including this gorgeous boho bag. You will find a large collection of ideas.

Owl obsessed with shopping bag

This Owl Obsessed Tote Bag is another hugely popular creation for this Etsy shop and it is easy to understand why. You absolutely have to do this stunner. It will be the envy of everyone!

Rainbow Reflections crochet hat pattern

The designer is also famous for her hats, hence the name of her shop, and we include some of our favorites. It’s easy to understand why this rainbow reflection hat is a bestseller.

Over the rainbow floppy hat

This beautiful slom hat with pom pom details is available in all colors of the rainbow, hence the name, and it is really adorable.

Herzhut crochet pattern

Just like the heart cover, this crochet hat pattern “Be Mine” is cute as a button! It can also be made in sizes from 0 to adults.

Tutti Fruity crochet hat

This fruity crochet hat by Tutti is another madness and so colorful. This is just so unique and who doesn’t want to wear one?

Twist top beanie hat pattern

This swirling hat pattern looks absolutely valuable with the large pom-pom on top and is a lot of fun crocheting. This hat can also be made in sizes from newborn to adult.

Crochet cloche hat pattern

This crochet cloche hat pattern is another very popular pattern by the creator and she has many other styles in her range.

Crochet pattern for forest friends

Your child can dress in one of these hats like his favorite forest friend! You get all three patterns here in one! There is also a deer hat, a raccoon hat and a fox hat.

They can even have fun as they can be made from newborns to adult sizes.

Dead crochet pattern

Who doesn’t want to carry around their yarn in this beautiful bag? It is the perfect bag for on the go, on the beach or anywhere and offers plenty of space inside.

The beautiful interlocking hearts can be made in all different colors or in a neutral color – it’s up to you!

Turtle Crochet Tote Bag

This crochet pattern with turtle tote on the beach is just perfect for a summer day! It would be wonderful to wear sand toys or for a child who has started swimming lessons.

You can also get creative with the coloring and place the turtles wherever you want.

Twist top beanie crochet pattern

The soft pastel colors in this version of the Twist Top Beanie just look beautiful. It can be made in any size for everyone, from newborns to adults.

Crochet Braided Pom Pom Hat

This braided pom-pom hat also comes with a matching bonnet. It has a nice braid on the side that looks like a nice big cable.

We love how she rounded it off with a fur pompom and you could also make a traditional yarn.

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