Sex in a pan chocolate dessert recipe

Are you ever looking for a treat? This Sex In A Pan dessert is absolutely delicious and low in carbohydrates, gluten-free and absolutely delicious!

It’s not often that you find a low-carb, gluten-free, and sugar-free recipe, but that’s exactly what this chocolate dessert from Sex In A Pan is.

The good news is that it is heavenly on the lips and lighter on the hips! This incredibly tasty recipe gets rave reviews and will satisfy your sweet tooth. It has a wonderful pecan crust and is heavenly.

The healthy Yum Keto cookbook

Author Maya Krampf

The creator behind this Sex In A Pan chocolate dessert recipe is Maya cramp. She published this Simple keto cookbook and it’s filled with simple, delicious ketogenic recipes, all with ten ingredients or less.

It is a US bestseller and also receives rave reviews. Many say they are more energetic, less anxious, and feel much healthier. It is a way of life and many diabetic gave the book a big thumbs up in the review area.

Sex in a pan Chocolate Dessert Video

via Wholesome Yum, Youtube.

Are you ready to see how to make this popular chocolate dessert? The video is only running a little over a minute and we strongly recommend that you watch it. This way you can get the best result. Click ^ above to view

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How to make chocolate dessert in a pan

via Wholesome Yum

For full instructions on how to prepare this simple and delicious candy, visit the Wholesome Yum website. Check out the other great ideas while you’re there.

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