Loom knitted scarf patterns you will love

We have put together a collection of beautiful knitted scarf patterns and there is something for everyone. Try them all now and pin your favorites.

Loom knitted scarf

We love scarves and we have so many great versions on our side. We showed you how to do it Knit arm a scarf in 30 minutes and shared a sweet Finger knitted scarf with you too.

Today we share a selection of Loom Knitted Scarf Patterns and there is something for everyone. From super chunky to colorful and funky, you are spoiled for choice with these ideas.

Loom knitted scarf

Chunky Scarf Free Pattern

via Kim, Lovin The Oven

This beautiful chunky scarf is the perfect addition to your wardrobe and you will find that you can make it in all your favorite colors. The creator is Kim from Lovin the oven.

How to make a video with knitted looms

We have included a video tutorial that shows you how to knit a scarf in crossed stockinette stitches using a rectangular loom.

In this tutorial you will learn how to cast and tie stitches on a rectangular loom. Click ^ above

Loom knitted scarf

Multi-colored loom knitted infinity scarf

by Adventures In Loom Knitting

Nancy from Adventures In Loom Knitting made a multicolored version of the Infinity Scarf.

We love the texture and use of colors. It has a very unique appearance and shows you the different effects you can achieve.

Infinity Round Loom Scarf Free Pattern

via Instructables

Another nice version of the Knitted Loom Scarf made with a Round Loom is this version we found on Instructables.

Loom knitted scarf

Loom Knitted Scarf Free Pattern

via Do It Your Freakin ‘Self

Chelsea from Do It Your Freakin Self created this version of the Knitted Infinity Scarf on their loom and the secondary color is just a hint.

It’s barely noticeable, but enough to make an explanation. Check out their other ideas too.


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